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Hillside Garden, Redhill
Garden view 9 months on
View back to the house
Terrace, fencing, retaining walls
Grasses and perennials
Olive trees
Feature tree
Olive tree detail
Poppy head detail
Path and planting
Young planting
Grasses and perennials
View just after planting
View through tall planting
winter seed head grasses

The challenge here was to landscape and plant up a fairly large and steeply sloping site on a reasonable budget. We created a large sun terrace at the lower level on which a firepit and statement furniture will be added in the next phase.


Landscaping: The slatted fence style allows light and views across surrounding countryside and gardens whilst offering a degree of privacy and is much softer than close board fencing. The stone on the patio has a tumbled finish to give an aged appearance, avoiding the 'brand new' look. Oak sleeper retaining walls provide a good quality, long-lasting solution to terracing the garden and a self-binding gravel path creates a hard wearing, informal and budget-appropriate solution to garden access. 

Planting: Olive trees line the sun terrace which gets fantastic light year round and a statement tree provides, blossom, fruit and autumn colour. Long flowering perennials and grasses with decorative seed heads provide year-round interest with relatively low maintenance requirements and fulfil the client brief of a purple and yellow paradise. 

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