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Investing in your garden: why hire a garden designer?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

It’s time to think about getting the garden sorted but where to start? You know you’ll be needing the services of a local landscaper to do the heavy lifting, but what layout will work best, what materials will you choose and do they know about plants? A garden designer will guide you through the process, managing the project from design, through to build and planting, and on to long-term maintenance.

Landscaping and planting of steep, hillside plot with limited access. Fencing, paving, pathways, retaining walls and planting.
Hillside Garden, Redhill by Laura's Gardens

Managing costs and contractors

Most garden projects need to work to some sort of budget. The job of a good designer is to get the most out of your budget. They will suggest concepts that balance aesthetics with practical requirements; ideas that can either be implemented in the short term or be phased over several years. And if you’re going to phase your garden work, having a masterplan to work to upfront will avoid a piecemeal approach which often fails to deliver a cohesive vision.

Once the design and planning is done, your designer will help you source the right suppliers for the job. Because designers often work with several landscape contractors, electricians and surveyors, they know their skillsets and likely level of cost. This not only saves you time but because the designer’s reputation is intrinsically tied to their contractors, you can be confident of quality too.

Landscaping and design of Not For Profit Healing Garden in Redhill
Healing Garden, Redhill by Laura's Gardens

How to save money on landscaping and planting

Although the internet is awash with aspirational images of designer gardens (Pinterest, Houzz or Instagram anyone?) it’s important to base any plans realistically on the size, gradient and outlook of your own plot.

Working with the contours of your garden, reusing materials, breaking up areas of patio with flower beds and minimising costly earthworks (removing and adding soil in bulk) will all save money on labour and materials.

Likewise, plants need to be chosen that are in keeping with the light and soil conditions of your garden; working with, rather than against, your local environment. Many people unintentionally waste money on spontaneous garden centre purchases that either wither and die or fail to provide a long enough season of interest. Your garden designer will design for the conditions of your garden as well as for aesthetics. Furthermore, if you don’t need an ‘instant garden’ you can save money by using smaller plants and waiting for the garden to mature. Half the fun of collaborating with a garden designer is watching your garden grow and mature over the years.

Landscaping, Play Equipment and Planting of family garden in Reigate
Family Garden, Reigate by Laura's Gardens

By working with a garden designer you’ll have access to creative ideas, practical experience, trusted teams of people and realistic budget planning, saving you time and money in the long run.

If your garden is out of control or simply a blank canvas, let's talk. From full garden design and landscaping management, to DIY garden toolkits and planting plans, I can help make your dream garden a reality.

Get in touch to book a consultation:

Landscaping and planting of urban garden in Redhill. Paving, decking, planting, lighting.
Urban Garden, Redhill by Laura's Gardens

Laura Bedell-Pearce is a garden designer working across Reigate, Redhill, Nutfield and local Surrey villages.

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