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Winter Gardening Advice: 5 quick tips

1. If you’re on an irrigation system and haven’t already done so, please switch it off and make a diary note to check rain levels in Jan, Feb and March to see whether it needs to go on again – newly planted trees and hedges are still thirsty in winter.

2. Outdoor taps need their winter jackets on to protect against freezing temperatures.

3. Pots of more tender perennials such as agapanthus can come into the greenhouse.

4. Keep raking up fallen leaves to protect patios from staining and to allow light to get to lawns. There shouldn’t be many more to fall now!

5. Enjoy the winter silhouette of your garden, the evergreens and grasses, the dead seed-heads on the hydrangeas and verbena, and if you’re lucky enough to have garden lighting you can watch the view past darkness, thus extending our short winter days…


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Laura Bedell-Pearce is a garden designer working across Reigate, Redhill, Nutfield and local Surrey villages.

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